• 16oz Fluorescent UV Paint for Parties16oz Bottles Fluorescent UV Glow Paint (Case Packs of 12) and Master Pack of 48pcs.Our 16oz bottles are great if you are either hosting a smaller party or if you would like to have your guests squirt thier own paint right out of the bottle. Each bottle has a flip top cap and a hole for despensing.
  • 5 Gallon Buckets of Paint for UV glow Paint Parties5 Gallon Buckets (Minimum Order 5)
    Select 5 Units or More
  • 55 gallon drums of Fluorescent Ultra Violet Reactive Paint55 Galon Drums of Neon Washable UV Glow PaintWhen you need a lot of paint, 55 gallon drums are very durable but we recommend shipping them to your destination as they are heavy.
  • 250-300 Gallon Totes for Bulk Fluorescent UV Paint Orders250 Gallon Totes of Fluorescent Neon UV Glow PaintBulk orders can fill from 250 to 300 gallons per tote. These totes are very heavy and can only be moved with machinery or a pallet jack.