While the Paint is washable out of skin and hair, it can leave very mild stains on white T-shirts, flat white painted surfaces, and other light colored porous surfaces susceptible to getting stains as well. Therefore protect any areas of concern with painters plastic you can usually buy in big rolls at Lowes or Home Depot.

    Plan around drainage and other benefiting removal sources. Please note that gravity is in your favor and if you control the paint source you know where it is going to be sprayed and how much.  Therefore a lot of our customers doing events indoors purchase the 5-gallon buckets and use water cannons to shoot the paint. This way only a few people are in control of the direction of the paint being used. You should always consider drainage and form your plan around the drains available. Hard non-porous surfaces can easily be mopped up with soap (We recommend Dawn Dish Soap) and water or sprayed down with a hose.   If you have light or grey colored carpet, you may want to roll the carpeting up and move it to a safe place. However we always recommend doing a test pattern on a very small area with our paint to make sure it washes off the areas in question. When in doubt about a surface being cleaned completely, protect it.

    Obviously you are going to want the party cleaned up even if it is hosted outside, therefore here are some recommendations on cleaning either inside or outside:

    A. Inside Cleaning: Every environment is different and only you are the expert of your area. Therefore we can only offer some tips and suggestions on cleaning. Inside cleaning can be much easier if you put down plastic over the walls and areas of concern. Please don’t forget that people will need to use the bathroom and will be walking in and out with paint. The good news is that most bathrooms are made to get wet and therefore clean up shouldn’t be a problem in those areas. Overall we recommend putting plastic up on the walls and on the flooring to make your clean up much easier and possibly less expensive.

    B. Outside Cleaning: Outdoor events are much easier to clean.  Often a gentle or light pressured application of water will clean off grass and other foliage.  Once the paint becomes wet for a few minutes, it becomes very unstable and is much easier to clean.  Therefore a gentle spray on the surface, wait 5 minutes and then spray off will usually work best. Concrete is also easy to clean (as long as it is not a white or light colored porous concrete) with using various settings of a pressure washer. Please be careful using a pressure washer and read the directions first as some are very powerful and dangerous. The best cleaner we know if is a heated pressure washing system being used with a high powered pressure washer so if you ever want to clean something really well, this should do the trick.

    Most of the buckets can be washed and reused or recycled purposes.  There may be local recycling rules and guidelines for the disposal of plastic buckets or left over paint.  We cannot recommend a procedure for everyone so please be considerate to your local regulations and find out the best way to dispose of plastic or paint in your area.

    The leftover paint can last for years if it is stored properly.  We recommend taking a piece of plastic (saran) wrap and putting a layer over the paint inside the bucket.  This will keep the air inside the bucket from drying out the paint.  Then if possible take a very thin layer of plastic and wrap it over the top of the opened bucket.  Finally seal the lid back on the 5-gallon pail.

    Disclaimer: Because there are so many different types of surfaces, Paint Rave its subsidiaries and/or assigns, will not be responsible for any damages created by paint stains or clean up as the customer is responsible for where the paint goes and on what surfaces. The above is only a general guide to help you with protection, disposal, and storage. We always recommend doing a test pattern with the paint before use on a particular surface to check for desired results. Paint Rave will be held harmless from any use of this paint involving a velocity, as we are not in control of that form of use. In addition, Paint Rave products are very safe and have passed ASTMD-4236 safety standards and have been used for very large events all over the world and proven to be very safe. However, if anyone has known dermatitis, very dry skin, or allergies to preservatives (such as those found in shampoo), please do not use without proper consent from that individual. Paint Rave will not be liable for any allergic reactions to preservatives, as all paint products must contain them in order to make them much safer to the masses.